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Pawshion by Gigi

Polka Nut Bow tie

Polka Nut Bow tie

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This bowtie comes with an attached elastic strap that goes thru your dog collar. Ready for use. 


Small Bowtie Size: 3”

Medium Bowtie Size: 4”

Large Bowtie Size: 5”

*all measurements are approximation and sizing may vary..

Our Products:

All of our bowties are hand selected, trendy, high quality, and soft comfortable fabrics. Handmade with love, our team will ensure your bowtie is a perfect fit to accommodate your pet’s needs.

Care Instructions: Wash in cold water and lay flat to dry. Do not tumble dry to avoid shrinkage.

Returns/Exchanges: We do not accept returns or exchanges. If your item is defective, please let us know. We are always happy to help.

Be Pawshion,

Team Gigi


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